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Upper West Side Studio

2391 Broadway, off of 88th St NYC

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  • "I am so impressed with the items my daughter is making in her class. She is really enjoying her time there, and the skirt she brought home yesterday is absolutely amazing. I can't believe she is making things like that after only 4 classes. Thank you!"

    Nancy, daughter age 7

  • "Just wanted to thank you for providing a great class for our daughter - she loved every minute of it and I am still astonished by what the kids were able to make. In a city full of classes for kids, you're doing an outstanding job. Classes are amazing. Thank YOU!"

    David, daughter age 9

  • "I wanted to tell you that my son loved (LOVED) coming to your studio and he (and I) adore the small cloth bag he made at your class."

    Jen, son age 9