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Have questions about our sewing programs for kids? Find your answers here!

The Fashion Class is an after school, weekend, and summer program designed to teach children all about Fashion Design and Sewing. We specialize in sewing classes, camps and birthday parties for children starting at age 6 through teenagers up to age 17. We also offer private sewing lessons for all ages including adults.

We're located on the Upper East Side at 307 East 84th Street, New York, NY 10028 and on the Upper West Side at 2391 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

Our Mommy and Me classes start at age 4, these lessons are booked privately  with you, your child, and a teacher.

Our classes, camps, workshops and birthday parties start at age 6 and up. 

Typically classes and camps are for ages 6-12 years old. We've had lots of success with mixed-age groups as everyone works at their own pace and on their own projects. Our projects are designed to encourage creativity in children of all ages!

Teen programs are for ages 13-17 years old.  

We also hold private classes for all ages, adults included!

This is not your grandma's sewing class! Students begin using sewing machines day one of their class, camp, party or lesson.

Instructors will teach the class how to safely use a sewing machine, thread a machine and actually sew garments.

Our sewing classes also cover how to use simple patterns and measuring. Student make an article of clothing or accessory every 2-3 classes.

We believe children (and adults) learn best by doing - actually creating a project that they can take home and wear!

We love teaching new students how to sew, that's why each fashion class, camp, party, and workshop begins with a lesson on safely using the sewing machine!

Our projects range in difficulty so that beginners can learn to sew while more advanced students can make something fabulous and wearable.

Classes have a minimum of four students and a maximum of ten students. Because we allow make-up classes, there may be an additional two students at any given class.

Camps have a minimum of four students and a maximum of fifteen students.

Our teacher:student ratio is always 6:1 in sewing class.

In the sewing portion of our studio our students:teacher ratio is 6:1. A typical sewing class of ten will have one lead instructor and one assistant instructor.

Our sewing birthday party ratio is 1:5.

Art classes and craft classes that are not working with a sewing machine have one instructor.

A class, camp, or party of 10-15 students will work on 10 sewing machines.

There's a lot of prep involved before sitting down to sew such as cutting fabric, patterns, and pinning fabric pieces together. This creates a great work flow around the classroom and allows students to  work at their own pace.

All of our staff members are friendly, creative individuals who love and work in fashion!

Our lead staff members are graduates of design and art programs while assistant teachers are current students in art & fashion programs from schools like FIT and Parsons.

Each staff member goes through TFC teacher training and completes a full background check.

Supplies are always included in our class, camp, workshop and birthday party fees.

Our sewing class fee covers all lessons, two make-up classes (if required), fabric, supplies and two tickets to our seasonal fashion show.

Please note, only sewing classes participate in the fashion show.

What type of equipment do you work with?

We're sponsored by Bernina Sewing Machines!

All students work on easy to use and safe, Bernette B37 Sewing machines.

Our machines are equipped with needle guards to protect small fingers and speed control.

We also use scissors, pins and low temperature glue guns.

We recommend a student miss no more than two classes during a course and we do not pro rate the course fee. If a student cannot make a full course we regularly offer one day workshops, private lessons and camp programs that require less of a time commitment.

Our fashion show takes place at the end of the season in December and June.

Students are assigned a new project about every two weeks. Children's classes make about 4-5 items in a ten week course. Teen classes work on more in depth projects and make 1-3 items in a ten week course depending on the project's intricacies.

Day campers make one sewn item during half of their day. Weekly campers make 2-3 garments during their week.

We have class options Monday - Sunday after school and on weekends. Students may sign up for one or more classes that meets one time per week for about 10 weeks.

We offer one day camps during the majority of school holidays and weekly summer camp during June, July and August.

Yes! We design our curriculum so that students can continue to build on the skills they've learned. Each new season or course comes with a variety of brand new projects that teach a different set of skills; we never repeat projects.

We encourage parents to let their children learn independently in the classroom setting without the distraction of pleasing mom or dad. But don't be discouraged, our classroom doors remain open and peeking in is a-okay!

We allow one make up class per 5-7 week course and two make up classes for an 8-12 week course. Make up classes must be taken during another class time but we do require advance scheduling so that we're ready with your child's project.

Our make-up class policy is for multi-week classes only offered during the fall, winter, and spring terms. We do not offer make-ups for workshops or special events. Please see our refund and cancellation policies for more information.

You can register for a class by signing up online or calling us at 646-329-6663. Please call ahead before dropping by our studios as our hours change seasonally.

Our non refundable deposit is 30% of the course, camp, or party fee. This deposit reserves your child's spot in the program.

Definitely! We love having creative boys in our classes who are interested in sewing. Some of our projects may be skirts or dresses, when that is the case we give our male students the option of an alternate project such as jogger pants, a t-shirt, hoodie or backpack. Of course they're more than welcome to create the class project too!

Yes! Our studios are on the full ground floor with a bathroom located inside of the facility.

Each student is required to fill out a waiver/medical condition form prior to attending class; if your child has food allergies or a serious medical condition please make us aware of it both on the form and at drop off - we will make sure our staff is aware of your child's condition. At TFC we strive to maintain a peanut and tree nut free environment.

Yes! We regularly have Girl Scouts and other school groups visit our studio to learn to sew or design fashion. Contact usfor the discounted Girl Scout and Brownie rates.