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Sewing Classes For Teens Ages 13-17

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  • "I am so impressed with the items my daughter is making in her class. She is really enjoying her time there, and the skirt she brought home yesterday is absolutely amazing. I can't believe she is making things like that after only 4 classes. Thank you!"

    Nancy, daughter age 7

  • "Just wanted to thank you for providing a great class for our daughter - she loved every minute of it and I am still astonished by what the kids were able to make. In a city full of classes for kids, you're doing an outstanding job. Classes are amazing. Thank YOU!"

    David, daughter age 9

  • "Thank you so much for everything. My daughter had a wonderful time. She loved getting to know all of the young girls in the class and she enjoyed working all of the adult leaders in the class. Thank you all for your hard work and sharing your passion with my daughter."

    Beth, daughter age 9