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Sew a Patchwork Shirt

  • $79.00

Upcycle your own top (tee, sweatshirt, or button down) in our patchwork class for adults ages 21 and up. In this workshop we'll use sewing machines to add patches to a shirt using a variety of different fabric choices. 

This hands-on class, led by Jordan from Earthly for the Planet, empowers you to transform discarded fabrics and clothing into stylish, one-of-a-kind garments that'll have everyone asking, "where'd you get that??"

Workshop Details:

  • Where: The Fashion Class, 307 East 84th Street NYC 
  • Who: Adults 21 & up
  • What: Learn the art of patchwork and sewing on a machine
  • When: Thursday, March 14th 7-9PM
  • All patchwork fabric and sewing supplies are included/Bring your own shirt (a tee, sweatshirt, or button down work best)
  • BYOB (totally optional) 

    Meet Jordan: Our workshop instructor, Jordan, is a passionate advocate for sustainable fashion and upcycling. With years of experience in the world of slow fashion, she brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the table. Jordan's infectious enthusiasm and expertise will inspire you to become a conscious consumer and maker.