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Sewing Classes for Grown-Ups

  • $75.00

We're starting with the basics in our new sewing classes for the grown-up crowd (adult learners ages 18 & up)! Join our knowledgeable (and fabulous) instructors to learn useful and practical sewing skills that will allow you to skip the tailor and proudly say, "I sewed this!"

The Details:

  • Where: 307 East 84th Street
  • Who: Ages 18 and up
  • What: Learn to sew, sew a button, hem your pants, sew a zipper and more!
  • When: Wednesday evenings
  • Please note, we require 24 hrs notice for any cancellations or date changes.

Class Descriptions:

How to Sew a Button by Hand: The number one phrase we hear from new students is, "I can't even sew a button", so now is your chance to learn! This one-hour, easy, hand sewing class will go over how to thread a sewing needle (no sewing machines for this one), how to attach three different types of buttons, and how to tie off your thread to avoid the dreaded button pop. Perfect for any and all creative people. 

Sewing Machine Basics: We get it, the sewing machine can be oh-so intimidating the first time you use it! This class is designed to start you off on a sewing machine (bring yours* or use ours) in a fun and simple 60-minute sewing class. The class will cover setting up the machine, the different parts of the machine, how to thread the machine and bobbin, and how to use the machine to sew different stitches. 

* If you bring your own machine we will need the brand and model. No antique, toy, or handheld machines please :) 

How to Hem Your Pants: Break-up with your tailor and learn how to hem your own pants in this 90 minute hand sewing class. We all know that women's pants are always too long (it's downright unfair), but with this workshop you will learn how to hem your pants like a pro. This class does not use a sewing machine, all students will work by hand so that you can easily use the skills learned at home. Class will cover how to properly measure the length of pants, pin them, and how to sew both a regular hem and a blind hem. All supplies are included and we will provide fabric to sew on (Please, don't bring your pants to class). 

Sew a Vegan Leather ToteLearn to sew in style! Our Sewing Classes for Grown-Ups give you all the tools you need to whip up a vegan (faux) leather tote bag that'll have you feeling fancy. Perfect for beginners but also a great excuse for Chanel-wannabes to flex their creative muscles. So let's get stitching!

Sew an Infinity Scarf:  Join us in this energetic and fun class where we'll sew a soft and light weight spring infinity scarf. Get ready to embrace the colors, patterns, and delightful textures of spring as we create fabulous scarves that will make heads turn and allow you to proudly say; I made this!

Sew a Throw Pillow: Sewing a pillow is a fun, easy, and creative adventure! This class is your ultimate guide to crafting your very own unique and fabulous pillow. Whether you're a sewing novice or a seasoned stitcher, join us to make this cozy creation.