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Kid's Fashion Shows - Free

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Fashion Show Registration

We are excited to invite you to your child's fashion show! This show is free to participate in and will take place during the last 15 minutes of their final class. We’re planning a fun event complete with a runway, lights, and music! Please feel free to invite family and friends, although seating is limited, simply add your total guest count when checking out.

Here’s what students should bring:

  • Everything they have made in class from January through June. 
  • Accessories or other clothing items they'd like to wear with their creations.
  • A pair of leggings in black, neutral, or white (for quick backstage changes).
  • A tank top in black, neutral, or white (for quick backstage changes).
  • One pair of “runway” shoes (we will not have time for shoe changes during the show).

Students will walk down the runway several times, showcasing each item they’ve created individually. They are encouraged to style their outfits as they wish. For example, they can pair a bag they made with a cute dress they own or wear a pair of shorts they sewed with their favorite t-shirt. Don’t forget to include sunglasses, jewelry, or any other accessories they want to wear!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to a fabulous show.