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All About the Fashion Class

The Fashion Class makes sewing and fashion design easy and fun for everyone! Our courses combine practical skills with creativity, unlocking limitless self-expression in students of all ages. Discover the joy of making something with your own two hands, the energy of a creative community and the excitement of fashion design at The Fashion Class!…


The Fashion Class makes sewing and fashion design easy and fun for everyone! Our courses combine practical skills with creativity, unlocking limitless self-expression in students of all ages. Discover the joy of making something with your own two hands, the energy of a creative community and the excitement of fashion design at The Fashion Class!…

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Our Policies

Sewing Machines

Looking for a sewing machine? There are several machines we recommend that are great for kids and easy to use. The Fashion Class is a Singer Sponsored Sewing Studio. Our students work on state-of-the-art touch screen sewing machines.


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What's New at TFC

Projects, classes, news and more on our Kid's Design Blog

Calendar of Classes and Events

Check your child's class schedule or see upcoming workshops, day camps and events.


Our creative classes for children and teens take place after school and on weekends for multiple weeks throughout the school year. Students learn to sew real and wearable clothing in our signature Fashion Design and Sewing class over an 8-12 week period. Additional courses offered include accessory, illustration and fashion branding/marketing. All classes are offered seasonally…

Sewing and Fashion Design Classes in Manhattan

Our sewing courses for kids run for 8-12 weeks throughout the school year. Children and teen students will learn how to use the sewing machine while they create real and wearable clothing for themselves! Other design classes, like fashion design and illustration also available. Sewing classes end with a free fashion show!

Sewing and fashion classes for Kids


Create with Sewing and Fashion Design Camp! We offer children’s fashion design and sewing camps during summer break, winter recess, spring break and for 1-day during most school holidays in our Bryant Park Manhattan and Upper East Side NYC studios. Our students learn everything from sewing, fashion illustration, accessory design and even fabric science! Each…

Fashion Camps in Manhattan

When school is out Fashion Camp is in! We offer one-day camps during all school holidays and week-long camps throughout the summer for ages 6-8, 9-12 and 13-17 years old. Our campers learn to use the sewing machine to create real clothing and accessories. We round out the day with fun fashion lessons like creating a fashion business and jewelry making!

Sewing and fashion classes for Kids


Join us for fun sewing and fashion workshops offered monthly at The Fashion Class. Perfect for trying out sewing for the first time to see if your child would like to take a longer course or for seasoned sewers who want to make a specific project! We offer Halloween costume making in October, American Girl doll…

Sewing Workshops in Manhattan

Join us for fun and fabulous sewing and fashion workshops offered seasonally at The Fashion Class! Perfect for trying out sewing for the first time to see if your child would like to take a longer course or for seasoned sewers who want to make a specific project.

Sewing workshops for Kids


Looking for an amazing fashion birthday party that all the parents can’t stop talking about? Our Fashion Design Birthday Parties for girls and boys allow your birthday child and their guests to actually sew clothing, design fashion or walk in a real fashion show! Our creative parties for kids feature different make and take projects…

Fashion Birthday Parties in Midtown

Sewing Parties for Kids
Fashion Design Parties for Kids
Fashion Runway Parties for Kids

Birthday Parties in Merrick

Sewing Parties for Kids
Fashion Design Parties for Kids
Fashion Runway Parties for Kids

Birthday FAQ'S

Party Extras

Photo Booths $15 per guest – Adds 30 minutes to end time Send the birthday girl to Paris this year with our Eiffel Tower photo backdrop or have each guest appear on the cover of a magazine! Party goers dress up is satin gloves and feather boas (optional) and pose for our photographer. Each guest…

Request a Party

Please fill out the form to request a birthday party at The Fashion Class! Our event coordinator will get back to you to plan your child’s special event.


Our group lessons for children, teens and adults cover a wide variety of sewing and creative lessons! We cater directly to Girl Scout troops with discounted “badge-earning themed” sewing lessons and other creative projects like entrepreneurship and recycled jewelry making. Join us for your child’s play date or tween group hang out with their friends…

Girl Scout Fashion Activities

We offer a variety of creative activities for Girl Scouts! Sewing, design and illustration are the perfect activities for Girl Scouts, Brownies, Juniors, Cadettes and Seniors to earn key badges! Our projects are educational, rewarding and fabulously fun. Plus TFC regularly teaches courses with themes like Entrepreneurship and Product Design; all geared toward fashion. Girl…

Play Dates and Group Lessons

Need a cool place for your child and friends to spend a few hours? Want to host a birthday activity without the extra party stuff? A group lesson is perfect for play dates and groups of kids who love to create! Our activities are for 2 or more children who want a fun and fab…

Visiting NYC?

This is a fun group activity for children, teens and adults interested in Fashion Design or fans of the show Project Runway! Meet us at our Manhattan Studio as we channel Tim Gunn and give you your next fashion challenge. After we arrive at Mood Designer Fabrics (where the designers shop on Project Runway) you will have thirty minutes to select and purchase your fabric. Back at the studio it’s time to design, sew and decorate your project. Will you be in or out?

Home School Sewing Classes

Expand on your child’s creativity with home-school group lessons at The Fashion Class! Fashion Design and Sewing is not only super fun and fabulous – it teaches elements of math, science and the arts in a real-life hands-on way. At our fashion studios we welcome home school groups who’re curious about fashion design, sewing and…

School Field Trips

With our large sewing and art studios The Fashion Class makes a wonderful field trip for school-aged students. We’ve hosted everything from pre-school children learning about types of clothing to college students learning to sew! With discounted pricing, day trips to our studio are filled with hands-on educational fun. Perfect for all age groups we…

Adult Sewing Classes

Our Sewing Programs for Grown-Ups are perfect for groups of friends, a girl’s night out or a creative corporate team building exercise! With a room full of sewing machines and instructors who work in the fashion industry, your sewing aspirations can become a reality. We focus on teaching you how to use the sewing machine…

Mommy & Me Sewing Lessons

Learn to a new skill and spend quality time together! Mommy & Me Lessons are perfect for Mother’s and Daughters, Sons, Fathers and anyone else in the family who’d like to learn to sew! Available in our Bryant Park and Upper East Side Studios in Manhattan. Our family based lessons will teach you and your…


Our on-site enrichment sewing and fashion programs bring the design and creativity to you! Perfect for public and private schools, libraries or other facilities our programs can run during the day or after school throughout the year at your facility. Aside from machine sewing, The Fashion Class specializes in educating children and teens in other…

In School Fashion Program

Our ‘in-school’ after school program brings fashion education to your students! Our program is fun, affordable, educational and easy to implement. The after school program can be customized for your school by amount of students, number of weeks and lessons. We designed the program to be: 90 minute classes  once per week 10-16 week long…

Library Sewing Programs

Our Library Fashion Design and Sewing programs can be a one-day workshop or a multi-day course. With plenty of sewing and crafting lessons, guests will enjoy designing and creating a one-of-a-kind clothing, accessory or room decor item. Our professional and trained instructors will arrive day-of with all necessary supplies, set up the classroom, instruct your…


1. What is The Fashion Class?

The Fashion Class is an after school, weekend, and summer program designed to teach children all about Fashion Design and Sewing. We specialize in sewing classes, camps and birthday parties for children starting at age 6 through teenagers up to age 17. We also offer private sewing lessons for all ages including adults.

2. Where is The Fashion Class?

We have two main studios: one in NYC's Garment Center at 21 West 39th Street between 5th and 6th avenues and one on the Upper East Side at 311 East 81st Street off of second avenue opening July 2019.

3. What ages do you teach?

Our class/camp age groups are children 6-12 years and teens 13-17 years old. We've had lots of success with mixed-age groups as everyone works at their own pace and on their own projects. Our projects are designed to encourage creativity in children of all ages!

We also hold private classes for children and adults.

4. What kind of instruction will my child receive?

In a sewing class students begin using sewing machines day one. Instructors will teach the class how to safely use a sewing machine, thread a machine and actually sew garments. Our sewing classes also cover how to use simple patterns and measuring. Student make an article of clothing or accessory every 2-3 classes that they can take home and actually wear!

5. What if my child has no sewing experience?

We love teaching new students how to sew that's why each fashion class, camp, party and workshop begins with a lesson on safely using the sewing machine! Our projects range in difficulty so that beginners can learn to sew while more advanced students can make something fabulous and wearable.

6. How large are your classes?

A fashion design and sewing class holds up to 10 children in one class group. Our minimum class size is four students.
A typical camp size is up to 15 students.

7. What is your student/teacher ratio?

In sewing classes and camps we always have one instructor per six children. Our sewing birthday party ratio is 1:5.
A typical sewing class of ten will have one lead instructor and one assistant instructor.
Art classes and craft classes have one instructor.

8. How many sewing machines do you have?

In our The Fashion Class studios a class, camp or party of 10-15 students will work on 10 sewing machines.

Sewing is not only done on a machine, there's a lot of prep involved before sitting down to sew. The non-sewing machine work of cutting fabric, patterns and pinning fabric pieces together creates a good work flow around the classroom.

9. Who will be teaching my child?

All of our staff members are friendly, creative individuals who love and work in fashion! TFC lead staff members are graduates of design and art programs while assistant teachers are current students in art & fashion programs from schools like FIT and Parsons. Each teacher and assistant teacher goes through training and a full background check.

10. What does your class fee cover?

Our sewing class fee covers the entire course (fall, winter or spring), staff, all course supplies and two tickets to our seasonal fashion show.

Please note our one-hour non-sewing classes do not participate in the fashion show.

11. What type of equipment do you work with?

We work on easy to use and safe, digital Singer Quantum Stylist Touch Sewing machines. Our machines are equipped with needle guards to protect small fingers and speed control. We also use scissors, pins and low temperature glue guns.

12. How many projects do you make in one course?

Students are assigned a new project about every two weeks. Children's classes make about 4-5 items in a ten week course. Teen classes work on more in depth projects and make 1-3 items in a ten week course depending on the project's intricacies.

13. When do you have class?

We have class options Monday - Sunday after school and on weekends. Students may sign up for one or more classes that meets one time per week for 8-13 weeks.

14. What if my child cannot take a full course?

We recommend a student miss no more than two classes during a course and we do not pro rate the course fee. If a student cannot make a full course we regularly offer one day workshops, private lessons and camp programs that require less of a time commitment.

15. When is your fashion show?

Our fashion show takes place at the end of a course; on a Saturday or Sunday. We combine 2-3 class groups into one show so that the students have the experience of a real fashion show with a full audience. Fashion shows take place in our studios on a real, raised, 24 foot light up runway!

16. Can my child continue taking classes throughout the year?

Yes! We design our curriculum so that students can continue to build on the skills they've learned. Each new season or course comes with a variety of brand new projects that teach a different set of skills; we never repeat projects.

17. Can I sit in the classroom and observe?

We encourage parents to let their children learn independently in the classroom setting without the distraction of pleasing mom or dad. But don't be discouraged, our classroom doors remain open and peeking in is a-okay!

18. What is your make-up class policy?

We allow two make up classes per course. Make up classes must be taken during another class time but we do require advance scheduling so that we're ready with your child's project.

Our make-up class policy is for multi-week classes only offered during the fall, winter, and spring terms. We do not offer make-ups for workshops or special events. Please see our refund and cancellation policy for more information.

19. How do I register for class?

You can register for a class by signing up online or calling us at 646-329-6663. Please call ahead before dropping by our studios as our hours change seasonally.

20. How much is your non-refundable deposit?

Our non refundable deposit is thirty percent of the course, camp, or party fee. The full balance is due the day class/camp begins or at the end of the party.

21. What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, Paypal, cash, check or money order.

22. Do boys ever attend your classes?

Yes! We love having creative boys in our classes who are interested in sewing. Boys can choose to work on the same project as the class or a project of their own choosing.

23. Do you partner with private or public schools?

Yes, we have a full fashion program for schools that can run up to 16 weeks. Our program is an overview of fashion that includes a illustration, design, and sewing. It's very affordable and we provide all supplies. Please contact us for more information.

We also offer discounted weekday classes for children in home school groups and school field trips.

24. Do you offer sewing classes for Girl Scout Troops?

Yes! We regularly have Girl Scouts and other school groups visit our studio to learn to sew or design fashion. Contact us for the discounted Girl Scout and Brownie rates.

25. What if my child has food allergies?

Each student is required to fill out a waiver/medical condition form prior to attending class; if your child has food allergies or a serious medical condition please make us aware of it both on the form and at drop off - we'll make sure our staff is aware of your child's condition. At TFC we strive to maintain a peanut and tree nut free environment.

26. Are bathrooms located inside your studio?

Yes! We enjoy a loft style setting in our Bryant Park location with bathrooms located inside our fourth floor studio. Our Upper East Side studio is on the full ground floor with a bathroom located inside of the facility.